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And a glampsite in Valais was born…

I thought I knew Switzerland – I hadn’t realised how different it would be. After 15+ years in the international aid sector, moving to the Canton du Valais in southern Switzerland made sense – Steph’s family still lives here and are a welcome part of family life. I had already spent 3 years in Geneva, so how different could Valais be? And then there was the French – I didn’t even have to learn the language! I was Valais ready… or so I thought. What surprised me was the lack of opportunities and the challenge of career transition out of the aid sector – it would take some coaching, and looking at my own career to work out what to do next. In the back of my mind over the last 7 years was this niggling idea that the region had so much tourism potential. What could we do to take advantage of this, and what would it look like? All the while, I had memories of camping in the south of France and England. It was these memories as well as convincing Steph that equipped camping (with comfy beds, ideally) was awesome that ignited the idea to launch our own Glampsite. Armed with determination and a desire to do my own thing, I started to explore what it would look like to have our own camp site. For 2 years I researched the idea, with business plans for the bank and tents lined up all ready to build once we found the perfect site. And we did – a site in Nax with 50 plots – and so the work began.